1-Year Scratch Warranty
15 Days Free Return

Time For a Change

Why do you get glasses? To see the world confidently. So you deserve frames that make you feel more amazing than ever, whether you need eyeglasses, readers, blue light or sunglasses.

Get a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for only $125 (even with prescription)

  • Vision Meets Value

    Redefining affordability with quality frame and premium lenses for $125

  • Embrace Your New Look

    Discover eyewear that changes the game and transform your style

  • Let the Sun Shine

    With spring around the corner, discover new colors, shapes and styles to enjoy!


Easy and Free Returns

You’ve read that right.
You have 15 days to return your glasses. No questions asked.
But we know you’ll love them!

  • Double the Style, Half the Price

    Get 2 Pairs for $200 and share the love or treat yourself (even with prescription)

  • Solid Coverage

    We back our eyewear with a 1-year scratch warranty, underscoring our commitment to your visual excellence

  • Small Batches for Zero Waste

    Sustainability is not just a choice but a responsibility, our small-batch production approach is a conscious step towards a greener future

Is Life a Blur?

Struggling to read the menu or to see clearly behind your desk? These are signs you may need help with your vision. Use our reading chart test to find out.

Reading Chart Test

Follow The Guide!

Whether you need help finding frames for your face shape, understand what is your prescription, and even measure your pupillary distance at home without an eye exam! Explore here

  • How to pick the right frame

    What to look for, what to avoid? Learn which frames best complement your face shape with our guide

  • Understanding Dry Eyes

    What are the common causes, symptoms and what effective options do you have to treat this eye condition

    Find out 
  • How to read my prescription

    Everything you need to know to understand your eyeglasses prescription and how to use it

  • Reading Glasses: Essential or Optional?

    Don't ignore the signs, it might be time for reading glasses. Discover whether they're essential or optional

    Find out